Bathroom Design – Plumber’s Advice

The life of a plumber revolves around fixing problems, and he gets to see hundreds of washrooms each year. As such, considering the extensive experience and exposure, a plumber is one of the most qualified persons to give you bathroom design tips.

In that light, here are some valuable tips that your plumber would want you to keep in mind when designing your bathroom.

Start Afresh To SaveTime

When designing your bathroom, you’re advised to strip out every old fitting and sanitary ware. This way, you will minimize the time it takes to fix to the old fixtures or sanitary ware. There’s no need of hurrying if you want to do a perfect job. In fact, it takes considerable time to fix and examine every little joint to ensure everything is done to perfection.

Carefully Consider the Layout

You should ensure that all fixtures fit conveniently with sufficient space for movement within the bathroom. Be sure that things aren’t crammed together. If the space is small, it will be unwise to get a wash basin, a toilet, bath, and separate shower as the space will appear squeezed. Consider buying a bigger bath or a bigger shower as opposed to having both.

Purchase Top-quality Fixtures

You should realize that buying cut-rate fixtures is normally expensive in the long run. In fact, you should consider your bathroom as an investment that enhances the value of your home. Premium quality bathroom fittings are available in today’s market at competitive prices. It’s advisable to purchase well-known brands to have a guarantee of spares’ availability in the future.

Be Careful When Choosing Accessories

You should carefully choose your towel rails, mirror, soap dishes, and other bathroom accessories. This is because they play a great role in achieving the desired look and feel of your bathroom.

Think About Your Storage Needs

It is imperative that you know what you intend to store in the washroom and plan for adequate space. You can have glass shelves for additional storage. This is a brilliant idea since the light shines through the glass, thereby making your bathroom look spacious.

Have Sufficient Ventilation

There should be an adequate flow of air in your bathroom. You don’t want the condensed air to take too long to dry, thereby forming the unsightly black mildew.

Uphold Proper Communication

It is imperative that you maintain proper communication between everyone involved in your bathroom design project. This is to ensure that everything is done perfectly from start to finish. Most importantly, your plumber and your bathroom designer should work together if possible. Otherwise, you can ask for his help when planning your bathroom design.

Final Thoughts

It is always advisable to involve a qualified plumber when it comes to designing a bathroom. Plumbers come with a lot of technical know-how and can greatly contribute to the achievement of your desired bathroom design. Moreover, if you want premium quality bathroom fixtures and sanitary ware, High-Tech Design Products AG has the best solutions for you.