Bathroom Wash Basin Selection

Bathroom wash basins are an integral plumbing component for personal hygiene purposes such as washing hands. In today’s market, there exists a vast selection of bathroom wash basins to choose from. There are different styles, designs, and shapes to suit different individuals’ preferences, requirements, and budget.

For this article, the purpose is to present you 5 essential considerations to help you select a wash basin that perfectly fits your needs.


The first thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal bathroom wash basin is who will be using the basin regularly. For instance, if the wash basin is meant for your en-suite, then it’s your partner and yourself that will use it mostly. In a family washroom, all the family members, regardless of age, will use the basin. Conversely, a wash basin in the guest washroom will be utilized largely by guests and occasionally by family members.


Another important factor to consider is the size of the wash basin that will conveniently fit in the space available without being too dominating. Therefore, you need to determine the size of space available to work with before going for the wash basin. You should ensure that the bathroom door can open easily when deciding on the location of the basin. Likewise, the basin should not be placed in a way that you are squeezed in a corner when using the toilet.


When choosing a wash basin, it is imperative that you bear in mind the kind of style you want to achieve. In fact, the style you have in mind plays a great role in determining the right basin that will match with your décor and deliver your desired effect.

It is also worth noting that modern square and straight lined basins normally don’t blend well with traditional bathroom designs. As such, you need to tread carefully when choosing a wash basin and be sure to always follow the same style for the entire space.


You should know that the type of bathroom wash basin is also dependent on your desired overall look. There is a wide variety of bathroom wash basins to choose from. If you want to make the most of your floor space without having a pedestal standing out under your sink, a wall-mounted wash basin could be your ideal choice.

Likewise, if you’re considering mounting your wash basin on the cabinetry, which presents plenty of storage space, you can opt for a counter top wash basin. There is also the choice of a pedestal wash basin, which has its own stand. However, it is worth noting that pedestal wash basins can be quite limiting.

Choosing the right bathroom wash basin may sound like a daunting task, but with these factors in mind, you will find the process very easy. After determining the wash basin that perfectly fits your needs, you should then find a company that is best known for top-quality sanitary ware. High-Tech Design Products AG is one such company.