Bathroom Wash Basin Selection

Bathroom wash basins are an integral plumbing component for personal hygiene purposes such as washing hands. In today’s market, there exists a vast selection of bathroom wash basins to choose from. There are different styles, designs, and shapes to suit different individuals’ preferences, requirements, and budget.

For this article, the purpose is to present you 5 essential considerations to help you select a wash basin that perfectly fits your needs.


The first thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing the ideal bathroom wash basin is who will be using the basin regularly. For instance, if the wash basin is meant for your en-suite, then it’s your partner and yourself that will use it mostly. In a family washroom, all the family members, regardless of age, will use the basin. Conversely, a wash basin in the guest washroom will be utilized largely by guests and occasionally by family members.


Another important factor to consider is the size of the wash basin that will conveniently fit in the space available without being too dominating. Therefore, you need to determine the size of space available to work with before going for the wash basin. You should ensure that the bathroom door can open easily when deciding on the location of the basin. Likewise, the basin should not be placed in a way that you are squeezed in a corner when using the toilet.


When choosing a wash basin, it is imperative that you bear in mind the kind of style you want to achieve. In fact, the style you have in mind plays a great role in determining the right basin that will match with your décor and deliver your desired effect.

It is also worth noting that modern square and straight lined basins normally don’t blend well with traditional bathroom designs. As such, you need to tread carefully when choosing a wash basin and be sure to always follow the same style for the entire space.


You should know that the type of bathroom wash basin is also dependent on your desired overall look. There is a wide variety of bathroom wash basins to choose from. If you want to make the most of your floor space without having a pedestal standing out under your sink, a wall-mounted wash basin could be your ideal choice.

Likewise, if you’re considering mounting your wash basin on the cabinetry, which presents plenty of storage space, you can opt for a counter top wash basin. There is also the choice of a pedestal wash basin, which has its own stand. However, it is worth noting that pedestal wash basins can be quite limiting.

Choosing the right bathroom wash basin may sound like a daunting task, but with these factors in mind, you will find the process very easy. After determining the wash basin that perfectly fits your needs, you should then find a company that is best known for top-quality sanitary ware. High-Tech Design Products AG is one such company.

Bathroom Design – Plumber’s Advice

The life of a plumber revolves around fixing problems, and he gets to see hundreds of washrooms each year. As such, considering the extensive experience and exposure, a plumber is one of the most qualified persons to give you bathroom design tips.

In that light, here are some valuable tips that your plumber would want you to keep in mind when designing your bathroom.

Start Afresh To SaveTime

When designing your bathroom, you’re advised to strip out every old fitting and sanitary ware. This way, you will minimize the time it takes to fix to the old fixtures or sanitary ware. There’s no need of hurrying if you want to do a perfect job. In fact, it takes considerable time to fix and examine every little joint to ensure everything is done to perfection.

Carefully Consider the Layout

You should ensure that all fixtures fit conveniently with sufficient space for movement within the bathroom. Be sure that things aren’t crammed together. If the space is small, it will be unwise to get a wash basin, a toilet, bath, and separate shower as the space will appear squeezed. Consider buying a bigger bath or a bigger shower as opposed to having both.

Purchase Top-quality Fixtures

You should realize that buying cut-rate fixtures is normally expensive in the long run. In fact, you should consider your bathroom as an investment that enhances the value of your home. Premium quality bathroom fittings are available in today’s market at competitive prices. It’s advisable to purchase well-known brands to have a guarantee of spares’ availability in the future.

Be Careful When Choosing Accessories

You should carefully choose your towel rails, mirror, soap dishes, and other bathroom accessories. This is because they play a great role in achieving the desired look and feel of your bathroom.

Think About Your Storage Needs

It is imperative that you know what you intend to store in the washroom and plan for adequate space. You can have glass shelves for additional storage. This is a brilliant idea since the light shines through the glass, thereby making your bathroom look spacious.

Have Sufficient Ventilation

There should be an adequate flow of air in your bathroom. You don’t want the condensed air to take too long to dry, thereby forming the unsightly black mildew.

Uphold Proper Communication

It is imperative that you maintain proper communication between everyone involved in your bathroom design project. This is to ensure that everything is done perfectly from start to finish. Most importantly, your plumber and your bathroom designer should work together if possible. Otherwise, you can ask for his help when planning your bathroom design.

Final Thoughts

It is always advisable to involve a qualified plumber when it comes to designing a bathroom. Plumbers come with a lot of technical know-how and can greatly contribute to the achievement of your desired bathroom design. Moreover, if you want premium quality bathroom fixtures and sanitary ware, High-Tech Design Products AG has the best solutions for you.

Sanitary Ware Maintenance

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house that needs the most care. In fact, you can be excused if you don’t take good care of your bedroom, but you can’t get away with having a bad bathroom as you will be inviting various disease-carrying organisms. It is therefore, important to maintain and keep your sanitary ware clean.

That can be effectively achieved by heeding the following tips:

Cleaning Chrome

Fortunately, modern faucet finishes are easy to maintain. To make them sparkling clean, you just need to remove marks and smudges using a soft cloth soaked in warm water and dishwashing soap. You can then dry them using a soft cloth, to restore their luster.

For aged faucets, you need to use steel wool to get rid of any rust spots. However, you should ensure that the cleanser is not too scratchy. Afterward, wash the surface with some warm water and mild detergent before drying with a soft cloth. You should then spread on a thin layer of solvent-based polyurethane, which protects the chrome from further rusting.

Cleaning Toilets

You should brush your toilet bowl on a regular basis to get rid of hard water deposits and stains. Once you’re done, clean the brush as well – simply leave it in the bowl when flushing the toilet. At least once every week, clean the bowl using the brush and antiseptic cleanser mixed with water. Don’t forget to clean the brush with the soapy water before rinsing it when flushing.

Afterward, wipe down the entire toilet, as well the toilet seat using a sponge soaked in a mixture of hot water and antiseptic cleanser.

Cleaning Bathtubs

How you clean your bathtub largely depends on the material used to make it. Consider checking the manufacturer’s instructions. You are advised against using scratchy cleansers, like scouring powders, on sealed-marble, or fiberglass basin and tubs. Simply use a sponge with hot water and liquid soap to clean such surfaces.

For bathtubs made of porcelain or vitreous enamel, you can safely use warm water and scouring powder. This is because cleaning solutions normally stain unglazed enamel surfaces. Nonetheless, it is advisable to first test them on a hidden spot.

Trap the Moisture

Humidity and moisture may be important in our everyday life, but they can be harmful to sanitary ware.  This is because they can lead to corrosion, which affects the durability of the sanitary ware.

In that light, here are some helpful tips on how to keep your sanitary ware free from moisture:

Every time you take a bath or shower, ensure you wipe the area properly.

Always open the windows to let fresh air into the bathroom

Dry your shower tubs, walls, and curtains to stop the moisture from producing rusty stains.


Proper maintenance of sanitary wares is an integral component of a hygienic and healthy life. Therefore, heed these tips to maintain the cleanliness of your sanitary ware. You can also purchase top-quality and easy-to-maintain sanitary wares from reputable companies such as High-Tech Design Products AG.

Selecting Bathroom Furniture

A bathroom is a place where many of us relax and shed off the accumulated stress after a long, tiring day. In addition, it’s where we do our everyday washing and laundry. Adding bathroom furniture can significantly improve the environment of your bathroom.

Namely, bathroom furniture plays an integral role in bathroom design and décor. In addition to enhancing the bathroom’s appearance, it also provides convenient storage spaces for washroom stuff. You need to be careful when choosing bathroom furniture.

Here are some valuable tips to help you select the ideal furniture for your bathroom.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing bathroom furniture. You may have a certain look that you want to achieve or certain items that you want to add, but sometimes it is just not possible without breaking a bank.

Therefore, before you embark on shopping for bathroom furniture, you should sit down and draw a realistic budget. This will help you avoid spending more money than you can afford.

Available Space

You need to determine how much space there is to work with. This is essential for choosing furniture pieces that will conveniently fit in your bathroom without cluttering the area. Likewise, it’s advisable to consider the shape of the area and whether tailor-made cabinets will be a better option than ready-made pieces.

You should also consider where everything will go. Be sure that your furniture pieces are located in spots where they won’t hamper movement within the bathroom. There should also be easy access to every necessary cupboard space.


Bathroom furniture should be able to stand the test of time in a wet and humid environment. They should also have the capacity to handle daily use, in addition to being resilient in a family washroom.

Materials such as laminate, wood veneer, chrome, and stainless steel can be a perfect choice. They are largely durable and easy to clean.

Light or Dark

You should also consider the kind of look you want to achieve for your bathroom when choosing bathroom furniture. If your bathroom is small, you should go for lighter pieces, as dark-coloured woods can make space appear even smaller than it is.

Moreover, you also have to consider the kind of décor you have. For instance, if your bathroom walls have very light color, you should consider going for strikingly dark bathroom furniture to accentuate the look of the space. Always think through the color palette being used in the bathroom before you make the final decision.

Fixed or Free-standing

Do you want your bathroom furniture to be built into the surrounding space or you prefer purchasing freestanding furniture pieces?

One of the good things about built-in furniture is that they can be custom-made to perfectly fit the space available and blend well with your other bathroom accessories and fixtures. This not only helps you make the most of your bathroom space, but it also contributes to the lustrous and elegant look you want to achieve.

Conversely, freestanding pieces can be a pivotal point in their own right. There exists a vast selection of unique and artistic pieces to add the desired look to your bathroom. It is also possible to move the furniture around when you want to clean up the area.


Nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to the appearance and feel of your bathroom environment. This is due to the availability of a wide selection of bathroom furniture and accessories. However, you should heed the above tips in order to get the ideal furniture for your bathroom. You can get premium innovative and premium quality bathroom furniture at High-Tech Design Products AG.