Sanitary Ware Maintenance

The bathroom is one of the areas in the house that needs the most care. In fact, you can be excused if you don’t take good care of your bedroom, but you can’t get away with having a bad bathroom as you will be inviting various disease-carrying organisms. It is therefore, important to maintain and keep your sanitary ware clean.

That can be effectively achieved by heeding the following tips:

Cleaning Chrome

Fortunately, modern faucet finishes are easy to maintain. To make them sparkling clean, you just need to remove marks and smudges using a soft cloth soaked in warm water and dishwashing soap. You can then dry them using a soft cloth, to restore their luster.

For aged faucets, you need to use steel wool to get rid of any rust spots. However, you should ensure that the cleanser is not too scratchy. Afterward, wash the surface with some warm water and mild detergent before drying with a soft cloth. You should then spread on a thin layer of solvent-based polyurethane, which protects the chrome from further rusting.

Cleaning Toilets

You should brush your toilet bowl on a regular basis to get rid of hard water deposits and stains. Once you’re done, clean the brush as well – simply leave it in the bowl when flushing the toilet. At least once every week, clean the bowl using the brush and antiseptic cleanser mixed with water. Don’t forget to clean the brush with the soapy water before rinsing it when flushing.

Afterward, wipe down the entire toilet, as well the toilet seat using a sponge soaked in a mixture of hot water and antiseptic cleanser.

Cleaning Bathtubs

How you clean your bathtub largely depends on the material used to make it. Consider checking the manufacturer’s instructions. You are advised against using scratchy cleansers, like scouring powders, on sealed-marble, or fiberglass basin and tubs. Simply use a sponge with hot water and liquid soap to clean such surfaces.

For bathtubs made of porcelain or vitreous enamel, you can safely use warm water and scouring powder. This is because cleaning solutions normally stain unglazed enamel surfaces. Nonetheless, it is advisable to first test them on a hidden spot.

Trap the Moisture

Humidity and moisture may be important in our everyday life, but they can be harmful to sanitary ware.  This is because they can lead to corrosion, which affects the durability of the sanitary ware.

In that light, here are some helpful tips on how to keep your sanitary ware free from moisture:

Every time you take a bath or shower, ensure you wipe the area properly.

Always open the windows to let fresh air into the bathroom

Dry your shower tubs, walls, and curtains to stop the moisture from producing rusty stains.


Proper maintenance of sanitary wares is an integral component of a hygienic and healthy life. Therefore, heed these tips to maintain the cleanliness of your sanitary ware. You can also purchase top-quality and easy-to-maintain sanitary wares from reputable companies such as High-Tech Design Products AG.